How it works?

The modular system adapts itself to the required architectural spaces, it is made entirely from manufacturing plant, allowing to apply strict quality controls. It only requires the land being compacted and leveled. It does not require building licenses.


  • No building licenses are required.
  • Flexibility in design allows using steel or wood (American construction).
  • Its implementation time is 70% less than conventional construction.
  • Modules are transported by land, one by one they arrive to start leveling and assembly.

Surface finish is as specific as the client requires

  • False ceiling
  • fluorescent lighting
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • nterior walls and decorative vinyl panel
  • Electrical smoke sensors
  • Exterior steel doors
  • Natural aluminum windows
  • Flats in vinyl composition tile
  • Electrical contacts
  • Voice and data sockets


  • Temporary building offices
  • Sales Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Campgrounds
  • Industrial canteens
  • Bedrooms
  • Toilette, washroom
  • Clinics
  • Boardrooms
  • etc.


1Modules are 100% manufactured in plant and shipped to their final destination.
Process 1
2Each module is leveled for bonding, flip and tires are removed.
Process 2
3Modular construction is a solution to every need regardless of size and does not require building licenses.
Process 3
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