Because we are industry leaders in modular construction.

Because we have the ICC certification, which guarantees our construction system.

Because we guarantee all our products.

Because our quality is superior.

Because we have been and we are manufacturers for global brands such as General Electric, Caterpillar and Williams Scotsman, among others.

Because our financial network we can handle projects for income market that no one can achieve.

Because we have variety of products and segments.

Because we have production capacity of 160 monthly modules.

Because we have the capacity to develop special products or custom projects.

Because we offer simple and low cost maintenance on all our products.

Because we have no competition in Mexico.

Because we own 2 facilities in Mexico to reach the market in a more competitive way.

Because we have network carriers to ship units to anywhere in Mexico.

Because we have a network covering more than 60 outlets in the country.